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Wednesday, March 12th 2008

4:33 PM

I did it, one more chemo

  • Mood: good, ready to be done

It is another cloudy Wednesday, but it is warmer than the last week, yesterday was great.  Emily’s car is now home, we were going to take it to my folks until she can drive it, then it will only be about 7 minutes away when she is ready to hit the road, but the rear view mirror fell off, so it is in our garage waiting for a day it gets to be at least 50 degrees in the garage so we can put a new one on.  And yes we did have to buy a new one, the old one was fine, except we could not get that darn little plate off to glue to the window, I even took it to Checkers Auto to have the guy get it off—girls can do that stuff and usually get away with it.  The guys were really nice and really tried hard, it was like the spring that sprung when it was put together was stuck, or rusted or what ever, it was not going to move, so after they tried for about 15 minutes, I thought this is nuts, a new one does not cost to much money, so I bought one, and left the old one for the guys to fool around with, by then it was a total mission for one of the guys, and I was not going to take that away from him, it would do me no good anymore anyways.  So now they make the mirrors with a little lock screw, no more messing around with springs etc.  Hopefully tomorrow will be nice, it only takes about 15 minutes for it to set, but it is still March, so we just don’t know.  It needs to be done before Friday, that is coming quickly.

I did my “final chemo” today, that is what the dr. called it.  I did tell him I did not really want to do this last chemo, since I have the cough, feel crummy, am tired (of the whole darn thing) and all, and I would like to get a CT done sooner to make sure my right lung is ok, I know there is always the chance of the cancer being else where. I told him about the visit to the ENT and the x-ray that the surgeon looked at and felt it was wonderful.   He told me, after he listened to my lungs that he thinks I still have some bronchitis, He does not think cancer is an issue right now, made me feel better right there, he has been up front on it all, and would tell me if he was thinking I was in any kind of trouble.  And he gave me a Z-pack since the Amox is done.  The Azithromycin is a whole lot easier to swallow than the horse pill, Amoxicillin-man they were big buggers.  My labs are just way too good, my white count is up to 7.9, hemoglobin is 13.0, and platelets are a whopping 325.  I am not sure how they are so good, but I am happy to see them.  It must have been the Carbo affecting them at the end of the cycle, and not it is starting to come back up before my 3 wks are up.  I still think all those years of giving blood every 2 months was a good thing, not only for the people who needed some good blood, but also for me, my body just keeps on thinking, we need to make more, over and over, so I bounce back quickly.  I am weak in the knees, a bit shaky, but know what is coming the next few days, so I am ready for ONE last time.  I sure hope this is it.  I have an appt to have a CT scan on 5/5, and will see the oncologist again on 5/7.  That will give me about 6 weeks to get past this, I think that is perfect, hopefully all scar tissue will lay down and behave, and all cancer will have been zapped one way or another from my body, or a new plan will be developed.  But the best thing will be I will have 6 weeks off.  I should be feeling good by then.  That is what I am looking for at this point in time-I just want to feel good for awhile.  Patience, patience, patience.  I have to keep reminding my self, this has been a long haul, Rome was not built in a day, good things come to those who wait, and on & on.  It gets tough some days, the cough drives me nuts & tires me out, it will get better in time.

Friday is Emily’s big day, I will try to post after that, good thoughts are needed to come her way.  She has been a trooper through out this whole ordeal.  She has now had 2 physical therapy sessions, both have been good, she has become a beautiful, responsible, respectful woman, so she really has taken a lot from this long winter.  Even though it does not always seem like it to her. 

Have a good evening.  

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