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Monday, November 28th 2005

6:49 AM

  • Mood: good, positive

Here starts another week, it is hard to believe how fast the time is going. 

Thanksgiving was nice, I have a magic roasting pan, so my turkey was done early, but all worked out well and was just a little mad dash at the end, and good left overs.  Emily went back to Winona on Sat. she had to work.  Otherwise it was a busy household for the 4 day weekend, there was always somebody here.  I needless to say did not hit the 6am doorbuster at anybodys door this year, I did not even see anything in the paper worth bustin a door down.  Bill and the kids did all go out for bits and stand in line.  I stayed right here.

On Sat. we had a family picture taken, Marlies' dad is a photographer, he was very kind in coming to our house and taking a bunch of pictures, of all 5 of us, and of Bill and I, and of the 3 kids.  I am excited to see them.  We have been talking about doing a picture for the last 5 yrs or so, since the last family picture we did was probably about 15 years ago, we now had the kick in the butt to do it. 

So I have officially had 11 radiation treatments done now, so that is 1/3 of the planned treatment.  When I was there on Friday, I told the tech I had been coughing more Thurs and Fri, she said that could be from the radiation, she told me that happens some times and they often will change the angle they give the radiation treatments, so I will be paying attention to see if anything changes.  The techs are so good to me, they just answer my questions and fill me in always w a smile on their face.  Good group of people.  And I found out you do not have to have a special sticker on your car to park in the front row, they know you belong there.  Poor Emily, when she took me I told her we could not park there because I did not have a sticker, so she dropped me off and had to park a long ways away, now I know.

I feel pretty good, I have major major major hot spots, I am not sure if I am hormonal, chemonal, or radioactive (Bill assures me I do not glow in the dark,) I am guessing chemonal, it sure puts hormonal hot flashes to shame.  It is kind of funny, as I am sitting in my shorts and t-shirt, and the rest of my family is putting on sweatshirts and extra sox, we sit & giggle.  Then before you know it, wham I am cold and wrapped up in a blanket.    I think my vision has changed some, but I am not getting to excited about it, I always had my glasses on & off anyways, so it is mostly the up close things I am having a problem w now, and that was always weird how well I could see with out my glasses on.  So now I just have to have one of the kids read the fine detail for me.  Heartburn is still an issue, the Zantac is working pretty well, I am learning when to take it.  I kind of have a lump in my throat, radiation told me that may happen after a bit, so this may be the start of that stuff, weird lump, you can swallow, talk, breath, & cough all around it, but the blasted thing just won't move.  It is kind of like when you swallow a potato chip sideways and can feel it for the longest time afterwards.  It is tolerable.  No pain what so ever.  I think the most noticeable thing is probably tiredness.  I am sleeping well at night, although I do wake up around 3am to cough, I think I have laid long enough, not drank any water for awhile, and just need to clear things out, but then go quickly back to sleep for few more hrs, so I am probably getting a good 8 hrs sleep, then I have to take a nap for 1-2 hrs in the afternoon, or I am shot.  I get pale and totally drained without that afternoon nap.  I am still listening to my body well, it seems to be working pretty well.  My cough is different than it was weeks ago, it feels like it is from a different area in my chest, and clears different, sometimes easier than others, but I can usually clear it.  That’s about it for now.  Wednesday is my next big day, I will be glad to see the oncologist, I think I am so much better than the last time he saw me, I want to see what he thinks.

Now I have computer fact, and did anybody in their wildest dreams ever think I would have a computer fact, it is amazing.  If you have the internet open and want to open it again for a 2nd one to be open, you can just hit control N, and it opens a new one.  Cool huh.  I can’t take credit for discovery or anything, Dan was here when he was in town and told me.  I am just the sharer of good news.  It will make it easier for working on lots of things.

Have a good day.

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